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A special ship at the World Port Days

28 Aug 2017 | Peter de Haan

During the World Port Days, from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September in Rotterdam, the first ship of the Sea Ranger Service can be seen at the corner of the quay at Kop van Zuid. This social enterprise will have young people (including the long-term unemployed) trained by marine veterans to Sea Rangers.

The 25-meter-long sailing ship is still under construction and is the first in a series that the Sea Rangers are working on for a clean and sustainable future at sea. The most special: during the World Port Days the public is explained how it can become their ship.

Under the motto ‘become CROWD or CREW’, Visitors get to know two initiatives of the Sea Ranger Service. Next month, everyone can become co-owner of the ship via the crowdfunding formula: investing from a low amount in the reduction for a return of 5% and nice extras. In addition, young people are encouraged to sign up for the Sea Ranger Bootcamp: a solid 5-week course by naval veterans from which the crew of the ship is chosen.

Founder Wietse van der Werf is happy to explain his initiative and show the ship. After previous initiatives in the context of nature conservation, the Sea Ranger Service is its most ambitious company.

The plan is based on the idea that multiple problems can become one another’s solution: you tackle unemployment among young people and difficult reintegration of veterans by using them together for nature conservation at sea. This then makes all sorts of innovations for entrepreneurship at sea possible by making cost-effective capacity available for, among other things, supervisory tasks, oshore seaweed cultivation and scientific research.