Object Guild

Object Guild is committed to making the world a better place through software and designs and builds sustainable software solutions for values-driven businesses. The support from Object Guild has helped the Sea Ranger Service to turn challenges into opportunities by developing some unique IT solutions that streamline the organisation's day to day work.

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The owner of the Fantastiko, Huub Veeneman, has made the ship available to the Sea Rangers based on the belief that it will really make a difference: “The approach of the Sea Rangers is that they can make a concrete difference towards a healthier sea. It has inspired me and the Fantastiko is the perfect ship with which the Sea Rangers can now get started."

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Rabobank Foundation

Standing stronger together. That's the strength of a cooperative. It is also the idea behind the Rabobank Foundation, the bank's social fund. Investing in people's self-sufficiency is our most important task. Not only in our own country, but far beyond it. People who work hard to be economically self-sufficient and build an independent life deserve our support. Not only our financial support, but also the support of our expertise and our network.

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The DOEN Foundation

The DOEN Foundation supports pioneers who work hard to establish a greener, more socially-inclusive, and more creative society, in which: - the capacity of the planet is the starting point (green); - everybody can participate, where people work together and help each other with respect for individual needs and possibilities (socially inclusive); - art and culture are at the heart in the belief that society can not do without (creative). The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives that focus on one of these three themes. Within these themes, we work with programs which specify the type of initiatives we support.

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We help candidates and customers reach their true potential. Progress that helps each of us. We call this 'human forward'.

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City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam. There's always more to discover. Make it happen.

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Troost Accountants

Ben je op zoek naar een accountantskantoor voor het mkb? Naar een adviseur die ook echt naast je staat? Die net als jij betrokken is en ondernemend? Die meer houdt van vooruitkijken dan de blik naar achteren wenden? Want daar is het immers te doen. Daar liggen de kansen voor verdere groei. Wij zijn zo’n kantoor. Informeel in de omgang. Direct in onze communicatie. Altijd gericht op het beste resultaat voor jou.

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Our immense product line is defined by its superior strength, style, and durability; our reputation, by competitive pricing and rapid delivery from stock. Leading products include coveralls, immersion suits, footwear, gloves, galley wear, and equipment and apparel for work in extreme temperatures. To us, superior protection and a proper fit are inseparable qualities.

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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen’s outerwear, base layers, sportswear and footwear are sold in more than 40 countries and trusted by outdoor professionals and enthusiasts around the world. To learn more about Helly Hansen’s latest collections, visit the website.

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With strong roots in editorial design, we are trained to work as visual storytellers. Over the years, this way of working has led to a unique approach to concept development using all sorts of (digital) media. Within our Lava Lab we challenge our clients to experiment and research new opportunities in design & technology.