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Randstad boards Sea Ranger Service

27 Sep 2017 | Sea Ranger Service

The Sea Ranger Service and Randstad signed a cooperation agreement today. The world’s first maritime ranger service is looking for enthusiastic Sea Rangers who want to commit themselves to the preservation of nature. The working area is the sea, where they support governments and sustainable commercial organizations in the management of protected marine areas, carry out fisheries management tasks and help with underwater landscape restauration. Youth between 18 and 29 can apply, there is room for 80 participants who follow an intensive bootcamp led by navy veterans. Randstad supports the Sea Ranger Service in the selection process and helps participants to develop their further career.

Of the 80 participants, the partners select twelve candidates that will be deployed as Sea Rangers for the management of protected marine areas. Before this happens, participants will be subjected to various tests and training, including sailing, diving, fitness, marine biology, lifesaving and driving RHIB vessels. Randstad supports the social enterprise because of its commitment to nature and a shared conviction to help young people with their development.

unemployed young people

The bootcamp is meant for everyone between 18 and 29 years. There are a total of 80 participants in the training. A quarter of all places are reserved for unemployed young people from the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. Youth can already register for the program. Several selection days will take place in the autumn. In March 2018, 80 participants will eventually enter the bootcamp.

plenty adventure

There are dozens of short maritime courses on the program that take place on land and on water. After the bootcamp, candidates have twenty different training certificates, an ideal basis for a career in the maritime sector.

support for randstad

Twelve of the recruits are eventually hired as Sea Rangers, the rest will have the opportunity to follow follow-up courses with the obtained certificates to finally get started in the maritime sector. Twelve participants who are not selected as Sea Rangers get a job guarantee from Randstad with which they can get started at a company. Randstad supports the Sea Rangers in the recruitment and selection of candidates. In addition, she plays an active role in supporting participants in their search for work and career development.