Wietse van der Werf

Executive Director
With work experience at various conservation organizations in more than 10 countries during the past 25 years, Wietse is responsible for the organizational development within the Sea Ranger Service, fundraising and attracting internal expertise to ensure the safety and effectiveness of deploying Sea Rangers at sea.

Mihela Hladin

Chairman of the board
After working in successful startups for two decades, including in China, Mihela uses her business expertise to keep the Sea Ranger Service on course.

Beth Thoren

Secretary of the board
Following top management positions at ClientEarth, RSPB and the BBC, Beth has accumulated a wealth of experience in the administrative and management fields over the past 27 years.

Eric Schunselaar

Eric is a Rotterdam-based entrepreneur and owner of diving school Het Duikhuis. After working for years in the investment business, he now directs the initiative from his financial expertise.

Effie Baert

General Manager
Besides being experienced in event production for over two decades, Effie has been involved in various startups and brings unique management skills within the Sea Ranger Service.

Kees de Vries

External Affairs
Former director of one of the Netherlands largest maritime employers organizations. With this professional background, Kees is now an integral part of the Sea Ranger Service and coordinates external relations with government agencies and investors.

Peter de Haan

Head of Communications
After a start in advertising, Peter worked as a PR director for major independent film distributors for 11 years. After deciding to leave that world Peter joined the Sea Ranger Service in pursue of his other big passion: protecting nature and all that lives in it. Using his network and communication skills to grow awareness, support and recognition of the Sea Ranger mission.

Jules Bänffer

Operations Coordinator
Jules is a sailor and a journalist. Sometimes only the one, at EenVandaag or RTV Utrecht, sometimes he combines his passions. He wrote, for example, for various water sports magazines and is the founder of and He started the latter online community after the publication of his book of the same name. Over the next six months Jules will coordinate the operational branch of the Sea Rangers, a role in which he can combine his talent and knowledge.

Olaf Quik

He sailed all the world seas, built wind farms and delivered super yachts to their owners around the world. Now he is in charge of the Sea Rangers as captain on the first Sea Ranger ship.

Lieve Baert

Financial Administrator
With years of experience as a business manager in the art world and financial manager in the industrial design world, Lieve also shapes our financial administration. Whether people make theater, design motorcycles or train Sea Rangers, Lieve likes to ensure that creative people can do their job without the risk of creative accounting.

Jan van Zijtveld

Financial Advisor
After a long career, from boilerbee on deep-sea shipping to financial manager in the non-profit sector, Jan recently retired early. Fortunately, we met him just in time at VBDO, the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development - our downstairs neighbors in Utrecht. Jan likes to offer his extensive knowledge and experience to arrange the financial matters around our social enterprise to the decimal point.

Kim Bontes

Logistics Coordinator Bootcamp
With more than 10 years experience as a project manager and event producer Kim brings much needed knowledge and gives guidance to the logistical preparations and execution of the Sea Ranger Bootcamp.

Sinem Akgün

Assessment Psychologist
How do you make sure you select the right people for your starting organization? Gutfeeling is important, but the verdict of an assessment psychologist also counts heavily for us. With a lot of fun, sharp questions and practical experience, Sinem Akgün-Smit has been supporting us for quite some time when it comes to selecting the best people!

Anouk de Ruijter

Sea Ranger
She studied nature conservation, but now she wants to make it her job to conserve nature. Adding the deed to the word!

Cedric Van Overstraeten

Sea Ranger
When at home in Flanders, he loves to play with his band. But as a Sea Ranger he loves to protect nature that is very dear to him.

Ingrid Heikoop

Sea Ranger
Sometimes it's quite a search to find your place, Ingrid experienced. Study, travel, or something else altogether? After a long time at the vega(n)-restaurant Spirit in Rotterdam, the Sea Ranger Bootcamp came along. A whole new way to better express her dedication to care for our planet.

Jeseds Leesly

Sea Ranger
Before the Sea Ranger Bootcamp he had never sailed and new little more of the sea than that it is a big gray bowl of water. This year all that changed and he became a motivated ambassador for a healthy sea!

Jillis Reijmers

Sea Ranger
Jillis made quite a carreer move. From Dutch teacher to Sea Ranger. From four walls to no walls for as far as his eyes can see. Meanwhile, Jillis is more often behind a helm than in front of a class, so his sea legs will probably be fine.

Jorien van Schie

Sea Ranger
After studying biology, Jorien thought it was a good time to get out of the books and dive into practice. She dived around the Philippines for months, but she doesn't hesitate to get into the chilly North Sea!

Josefien Krijgsman

Sea Ranger
Josefien exchanged horsepower for windpower, because her education to work with horses didn't bring what she was looking for. She gave up her job as a waitress when she could start sailing at the Sea Ranger Bootcamp. She just wants to feel the wind in her hair every day!

Maxim Berman

Sea Ranger
Why wait to do what you really want to do until you retire? Maxim exchanged the Amsterdam Zuidas for the North Sea because he doesn't want to wait with doing what he thinks is really important.

Mike Bentvelzen

Sea Ranger
As a host in the hospitality industry, Mike was at the service of his guests. Now he is at the service of the sea!

Naisah Taal

Sea Ranger
She grew up on the coast of Zeeland and was brought up on salty seawater. After studying architecture, she was introduced to the Sea Ranger Service decided to give it shot. It was a good one.

Roy de Waardt

Sea Ranger
During the Sea Ranger Bootcamp, Roy wanted nothing more than to proudly wear the Sea Ranger outfit. He had to overcome many fears and barriers to show what he is made of, but now there he stands. With the Sea Ranger logo on his chest, ready to work hard to get the most out of this opportunity towards a maritime career.

Ward van der Peet

Sea Ranger
Ward is a gardener with a passion for sailing. So he is a Sea Ranger now!